The Rise of Film in Recruitment

The UK Recruitment industry is on the rise, increasing its value back in 2016 to £35.1bn and employing over 100,000, making it a larger contributor to the UK economy than Advertising, Arts and Recreation, and the Food and Beverages industries. There are now over 20,000 recruitment agencies across the country, compared to the mere 88 that were registered back in 1990, with around 9,500 of those turning over more than a quarter of a million every year. 

Here at PinPointMedia, we have been able to witness the growth of this industry first hand, working extensively with James Cann’s Recruitment Guide and recently forming a long-term partnership with Norman Broadbent. What these companies have recognised, along with the numerous other established agencies that have come through our doors, is the power that film content holds in an age where the internet and Social Media have revolutionised the recruitment process.

Platforms such as LinkedIn have provided job-seekers with both access to and a means of comparing an enormous wealth of job opportunities and conversely, employers now have an abundance of data and insights available to help them build detailed candidate profiles and find the perfect fit for their businesses. What film can offer recruitment agencies looking to set themselves apart in this increasingly competitive market, is the opportunity to not only better highlight their own exceptional services and experience, but also to distribute more engaging and informative content that can help to firmly establish them as experts in the sector that they recruit for.

Film is the ideal medium for demonstrating your agency’s understanding of the unique strategic issues and challenges facing the industry within which you recruit, and will also enable you to establish a stronger presence on your prospective clients’ social feeds, where job adverts are becoming increasingly more visible. This will in turn serve to bolster the authenticity of your brand image, leaving candidates assured that you can be relied upon to position them in the right role, with the right company. 

So if you’re looking to establish yourself as an industry leader and manifest your sector expertise in a fashion that will appeal to candidates in the digital age, then it’s time to #jointherevolution!

Oliver Bruce Nominated for Director of the Year Award

PinPointMedia’s very own Oliver Bruce has been selected as a finalist in the South-West Institute of Directors Awards, celebrating leadership, talent and success in the region. Oliver joins 15 other shortlisted directors from across the South West nominated in the New Director and Start Up categories. 

This nomination is just one of many recent achievements for PinPointMedia this year, with 2018 seeing the firm expand its reach overseas, with contacts as far afield as North America and Tahiti, a truly remarkable accomplishment given that the company was operating out of Oliver’s bedroom a mere 5 years ago. By the years end, 11 new members of staff will have joined the already sterling team of Great British Filmmakers and a new central London office will have been established, as the revolution to make film accessible to budgets of all sizes continues to roll on. 

"Its a great honour to have been shortlisted for this award and a huge achievement for all the finalists; I wish everyone the best of luck!" - Remarked Oliver in response to his nomination.

This year’s event will be taking place of Thursday 14th June at Sandy Park Stadium near Exeter, with the Flybe’s CEO Christine Ourmières-Widener as the headline guest. Here’s to hoping that Oliver brings home yet another accolade to add PinPointMedia’s ever-growing list of achievements!

Kick-Start Your Business With Film

When first setting up a new business, utilising film to market your company may hardly seem like a necessity to have at the top of your priority list. The perceived cost of incorporating film into your website or social media channels is not often seen as a viable option for businesses in their infancy, when budgets are tight and fast growth is a must. 

But in today’s digital landscape, employing film is an absolute must for small companies looking to attract customers and increase sales and when used effectively can be more than worth the expense. 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide agree that film is the form of content with the best ROI and companies that use film grow revenue 49% than those that don’t, making it a must-have for start-up companies looking for fast, cost-effective growth. 

The increased demand for film is due in part to the fact that YouTube is now the second largest search engine, making film content essential for SEO and attracting more traffic to your companies website. Indeed, adding film to your website increases your chance of a front-page Google result by 50% and given that 91% of searches will not go past page one, this is essential for ensuring that your business is visible online. 

And once customers get to your site, by having film on your landing page, they are likely to stay there 88% longer than they would on sites without film. This is undoubtedly down to the fact that film is a far more easily digestible medium than traditional text ads, with viewers’ understanding of a company’s product increasing by 74% when they watch a film, as compared to reading about it. And by enabling businesses to communicate their brand image and story in a more engaging and accessible way, film is capable of increasing conversions by 80% or more. 

Film should therefore by no means be seen as a no-go for start ups, but is instead a vital instrument to be deployed to help enhance your visibility online, drive new business and increase sales.

Watch our recent animation where you can see some of the stats from 2017!



Back in 2013, PinPointMedia set out to revolutionise the film industry by making film accessible to all and 5 years later, the revolution is in full swing.  

What with video marketing having truly transformed the digital landscape, to the extent that video is projected to claim more than 80% of all web traffic by 2019, PinPointMedia have set about securing one of the largest market shares in film production outside of central London. 

By creating films of unrivalled quality, at an unrivalled cost, the firm has been able to work with everyone from small local businesses, to large corporate clients throughout the UK and Europe, such as Barrat Development, British Gas and the RAC, enabling them all to utilise the power of film to grow their business. 

And now, in order to mark its 5 Year Anniversary and its enormous growth in popularity, the firm has undergone a complete brand overhaul, coining the title ‘Great British Filmmakers’. To celebrate this landmark moment in the company’s history and showcase its sleek new brand image, PinPointMedia held its anniversary party at Cheltenham’s No. 38 Hotel, giving friends and clients alike the chance to raise a glass to the revolution and even enjoy a slice of birthday cake in what was a truly rip-roaring event!  

With the enormous success of the rebrand and the 5 year party now in the rearview mirror, and the prospect of expanding the company’s reach both nationally and globally on the horizon, as well as continuing to add more great british filmmaker to the team, all there is left to say is viva la revolution!

Sponsorship extended in Memory of Old Friend

Following the enormous success of their partnership last year, PinPointMedia have once again teamed up with the University of Gloucestershire Rugby squad to sponsor the team ahead of their varsity match-up with local rivals Worcester. 

An alumnus of the University himself, Director Oliver Bruce was on hand again this year to witness the team being presented with their shirts, all of which proudly sport the newly rebranded PinPointMedia logo.  

The firm’s relationship with the team came about after the loss of University of Gloucestershire alumni and close friend of Mr Bruce, Arthur Mason, who passed away in a farming accident during 2014. This being the 4 year anniversary of his death, PinPointMedia’s involvement is even more poignant, with Arthur himself having worn the no. 4 shirt.

Arthur’s father has been working closely with the University throughout this time alongside PinPointMedia and their charity partner Moth in a China Shop, the continued support of all of whom has ensured that Arthur’s memory is being kept alive and instils an added purpose and meaning into every game that the team play. 

‘It has been fantastic to be able sponsor the team again this year and I feel very privileged to be able to play a small role in continuing to honour Arthur’s memory,’ said Mr Bruce after being presented with the no. 4 shirt that Arthur wore. 

‘The new kit looks excellent and it was brilliant to watch the boys put on a great show against Worcester, making it 3 Varsity wins in a row!’

Watch out for the road to varsity film we are producing!

PinPointMedia Celebrates 5 Years In Style

From its humble beginnings in the bedroom of Founder Oliver Bruce back in 2013, PinPointMedia has since gone on to make a resounding success of its mission to make film accessible to all. Through its exceptional and uniquely cost-effective approach to filmmaking, the firm has truly revolutionised the film industry in the space of just 5 short years. And with this 5 year milestone coinciding with the unveiling of the company’s Great British Rebrand, it was the perfect opportunity to bring together all those who have played a part in making PinPointMedia what it is today and celebrate how far the company has come in such a short space of time. 

The handsome No. 38 Hotel played host to the occasion and what a day it was for it! Glorious British sunshine shown down on the festivities, allowing the PinPointMedia team, friends, and clients alike the chance to raise a glass to the tremendous amount of hard work that has gone into every single one of the thousands of films that the company has produced over the past 5 years. 

Cheltenham’s MP Alex Chalk was also in attendance, taking the time out of his enormously busy schedule to pay tribute to PinPoint’s continued commitment to helping local businesses and charities in the area prosper through the power of film. Moth in a China Shop is just one of those such charities, from whom Eve Matthews was on hand to discuss their new partnership with PinPoint, and what this will mean for all of the exceptional work that they do in providing sporting opportunities and nutritional awareness in areas where it is drastically needed.

In and amongst these testimonials, there was time to look back on some of the firm’s flagship projects through the years, as well as share a slice or two of birthday cake, and finally look forward to what lies ahead in the future of PinPointMedia. Needless to say, there will be plenty more to celebrate at the 10 year party! 

Many thanks to all those who came and helped make the event such a tremendous success. We look forward to seeing you all again in 2023 to celebrate 10 years of PinPointMedia!

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