Groundbreaking partnership sees firm valued at £2.3m!

PinPointMedia and London firm PitchDMM Ltd have partnered to create an innovative and revolutionary concept that gives football fans for the first time ever a chance to interact live with mainstream television through a bespoke and innovative app.

PitchDMM offers the ability for the consumer or viewer of any footballing event to interact fully with the commentators and presenters in the studio through its immersive and highly engaging app. The unique ‘Fan Time’ offering allows fans to record and submit video recordings from their phones enabling them to voice their thoughts, opinions and questions! The playback feature enables them to also view the highlights, repeat the best bits of play they may have missed and catch up on the game from anywhere in the world! The app aims to create a community of fans allowing them to speak and engage with each other simply and effectively!

Oliver Bruce said “by partnering with Susannah and her wonderful team we’ve been able to pull on a vast resource that would have otherwise been hard to come by. The ability for my team at PinPointMedia to develop this concept and take it through to full production has made this the perfect pairing. I am truly excited to bring this to market and believe this could change the way consumers engage and view not just football matches, but any sporting event in the years to come”

PitchDMM Ltd’s validated pre revenue valuation is currently £2.3m and has undergone an initial crowdfunding campaign as well as agreeing a number of deals with household brands.

Susannah Schofield said “We are delighted to have partnered with PinPointMedia to allow us to put the app into the hands of anyone who watches this revolutionary new show. PinPointMedia are now at the forefront of bringing cutting-edge technology to the masses and together we are developing this new wave of ground breaking engagement between the TV and the Streaming/ Mobile world. PinPointMedia will able us to create the game changing TV show of the future”

The app fully launches in the new season and they are already in talks with networks such as BBC3, Netflix and Amazon Prime

To find out more visit or download the app prior to seeing the show on iOS or Goggle Play be searching for PitchDMM

Getting your Message Across in the Perfect Piece to Camera

So you’ve managed to somewhat shake off those dastardly anxiety-ridden butterflies after reading last week’s blog post and you’ve now plucked up the courage to be the face of your company’s next film. But you’re still ever-so slightly terrified that when the cameras start rolling, you’ll be reduced to little more than a rabbit in headlights, as all of the linguistic capabilities that you’ve been developing since childhood abandon you and you’re left barely able to get your own name out, let alone eloquently describe your company’s founding principles. Well fear no more, because we’re here to give you the keys to getting your message across in the perfect piece to camera.

Firstly, here’s a quick scenario to get your oratory juices flowing (but admittedly might not do much for your anxiety levels!). Imagine that you’re in the elevator at ground level on a Monday morning and in walks the CEO of a company you have been trying to land for the past 4 years. They press the dial for floor 5 and your countdown begins. You now have 30 seconds to grab their attention and encapsulate what it is your business stands for before they leave and go on with the rest of their day: how would you fare? The answer lies in how well you know your message. Now while this may seem like a somewhat farfetched scenario, the elevator pitch is a true litmus test of your message and will reveal if you genuinely understand and can embody the mission statement of your business. For it should take you no more than 80-90 words over the space of a 30 second elevator journey to comprehensively convey the directive of your business.

So take some time before your piece to camera and put some thought into exactly what it is you are trying to get across to your viewer. Nail down the key points of your message and stick to them! Try to avoid waffling or digressing and being overly technical, as you should never assume the knowledge level of your audience. Something that you might take for granted might not be so obvious to your audience, so it’s always worth explaining yourself and steering away from industry jargon or complicated processes.

You’ll be able to avoid all of these faux pas that arise when you’re scrambling for things to say on the spot if you put in the right amount of preparation beforehand, allowing you to focus your attention solely on your delivery because remember that how you deliver your piece is just as important as the actual content of what you are saying. Whilst it is perfectly normal to be nervous when put in front of a camera, even when you’re talking about the job that you do everyday (which hopefully you know quite a bit about!), what you mustn't do is allow those nerves to dictate the pace and timing of your delivery. For nerves will often cause you to speak too quickly in an effort to get the thing over and done with as soon as possible, which will not only make it difficult for your audience to follow what you are saying, but will also give off an impression of discomfort and a lack of control, which can compromise the integrity of your message and the image you are seeking to portray.

The golden rule is to always speak slower than you think you should. It’s not about trying to cram in as many words as possible in the time available, but about your audience actually understanding your message, and coming away with those concepts firmly implanted in their minds. As we’ve already discussed, the key to strong messaging lies in being clear and concise, not exhaustively detailed, and a slower delivery will help you to deliver your message in a suitably digestible manner.

So when the big moment comes and the lights are on, just take a deep breath and trust in the message that you know and have prepared. And if worst comes to worst, our editors can always work their magic to make you appear as eloquent as Shakespeare himself (although they may well have a chuckle at your outtakes in the process).

Why You Should be the Star of Your Company’s Next Film

Let’s be frank: when it comes to delivering a piece to camera, we can’t all be as effortlessly charming as Ant and Dec, as trustworthy and informative as Gabby Logan or Huw Edwards, or as awe-inspiring as David Attenborough, all of whom make talking to camera look so frightfully easy! But the all too familiar butterflies of anxiety that spring to life at the thought of having to stare down the barrel of a lens shouldn’t stop you from using this powerful medium in your films to communicate more directly with your target audience and get your message across. Whether it be a more traditional off-looking interview piece or a direct address to camera, here at PinPointMedia, we believe that you should be the star of your company’s next film!

Hundreds of thousands of years of evolution have hardwired the human brain to seek out other human faces and our eyes will always been drawn to them first over anything else that might be happening on screen. So by shying away from the camera, you’re missing out on a golden opportunity to better engage your audience in a more open and authentic dialogue and elicit a stronger emotional response from them. For your viewers are far more likely to trust your company and invest in your message, if they are able to put a face to a brand, rather than merely seeing a giant, faceless corporation staring back at them. And while it may be nice to make that face a stunningly beautiful and professionally trained actor, you and your employees are the ones who are going to be dealing with those customers off the back of your film, so why not introduce yourselves to them beforehand.

After all, you’re the ones who have the greatest appreciation and understanding of what it is your company stands for and even if you were to hire Matthew McConaughey to star in your film and have Quentin Tarantino write the script for him, they’re never going to be able to replicate the same level of authenticity as you yourself would when talking about the business that you (we hope!) know and love.

Okay, so maybe it would be nice to have Matthew McConaughey be the face of your company, but we’re assuming he’s busy off making the next Best Picture and we think that you could be a better replacement than you might think. So shake off those stage fright jitters and get ready to kickstart your on-screen career. And if we still haven’t convinced you, keep your eyes peeled for next week’s blog where we’ll give you the keys to getting your message across in the perfect piece to camera.

Expert Insight - GDPR

Oliver Wins Director of the Year Award

We are delighted to announce that our very own Oliver Bruce was last night presented with The Institute of Directors Start Up Director of the Year award! After a record month for new projects undertaken by the firm, this award was the icing on the cake for what was all-tolled a fantastic event down at Sandy Park in Exeter.

Upon receiving the award, Oliver was quick to pay tribute to all of the tireless efforts of the entire team at PinPointMedia: ‘Whilst it is myself collecting the award, it has been the hard work, continued support and passion shown by the whole PinPointMedia team which has got the firm to where it is today and where it will be tomorrow!’.

Congratulations Oliver!

Animation and the death of explanatory copy

There are some things that you just simply cannot capture on camera. Not every company has dazzling open plan offices overlooking the London skyline or visually stunning, simple to use products that sell themselves with no explanation needed. The reality is that there are certain companies that offer services which whilst hugely beneficial and valuable, are desperately tricky to understand and appear at first to be vastly complex to your average consumer. However, the answer to this dilemma is not to simply reel off hundreds upon hundreds of words of copy on your website explaining every last little process and detail of what your company offers. The answer, is animation.

Animation is a fantastic way of creating compelling content that can help to more easily explain complicated product processes and services that might not necessarily be obviously conveyable via organic film, and would put readers to sleep should they have to sift through reams of text packed with data, facts and figures to understand them. Indeed, viewers have been shown to retain 95% of a message when watching it in a film, compared to a mere 10% retention rate when reading the same message in text, which is understandable when one considers that the human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text.

It is therefore easy to see why animated explainer films are such an effective medium for brands to be utilising because they enable you to visualise your sales pitch, condensing down masses of complex information in a matter of seconds and eliciting a stronger level of engagement than a static block of text ever could (no matter how many diagrams, charts and photos you put beside it)! An animation will also enable you to more clearly distinguish yourself from your competitors by providing your company with a distinct look and finish that can only come from having purpose- designed graphics and visuals that are unique to your brand.

It would be reasonable to think though that the level of craftsmanship and skill that goes into creating these kinds of visuals would come with a pretty hefty price tag. But an animated film needn’t break the bank and your company needn’t have a Pixar budget to get the impact you need. In fact, animation can be a remarkably cost-effective and time-efficient investment for your business, with all of the work being done in-house, meaning that you needn’t worry about hiring actors or locations and having to coordinate diaries to book in a filming date - all you need is a great idea and an animator with the skills and imagination to bring it to life! The process from inception to completion can be incredibly swift and you as a business are left with a powerful marketing tool that will capture your audience’s attention and tell your story in a form that is both informative and engaging.

So it’s time to put lengthy, explanatory copy to bed and start thinking about how you can save your business time, money and energy by implementing a stylistic medium that is rapidly rising to the ascension in the digital sphere.

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