The Story

The facts and figures shown really do demonstrate the core reasons we want to make film accessible to everyone, after all, why shouldn't every business, school or charity have the opportunity to be part of the 500 million hours of film viewed on YouTube each day?

Founded in 2013 this was our mindset from the start. We had a very clear vision - to produce the highest quality films at cost-effective prices, making film more accessible to budgets of all sizes. Since then we haven’t looked back. In 2017 our award-winning team created more than 4000 films for brands of all sizes across the world. We’ve achieved this growth by sticking to our original mission, whilst employing talented, driven and exceptional individuals to help us and our clients.

We have now expanded our operations into a 2500 sqft, purpose-designed Head Office in Cheltenham’s Royal Crescent. This has allowed us to further enhance both the quality and the reach of our service. And it's not just the United Kingdom we work within. 2018 has seen our overseas reach expand greatly working from the top of Scotland, down to the tip of Southern Italy and as far as North America and Tahiti.

We have created an exceptional working culture which allows our team to showcase their abilities, flourish creatively and deliver perfect films for our clients, on time. Every time.

Our story to revolutionise the film industry continues…