About PinPoint Media

On a mission to revolutionise the film industry. Founded in 2013, PinPointMedia are on a mission to revolutionise the way film and animation is produced and utilised by companies of all sizes across the globe for marketing and training films across a range of sectors.

Since our humble beginnings operating out of a bedroom, we now conduct our business from a 2,500sqft Head Office in Cheltenham and are one of the most trusted British production companies for video and animation.

At PinPoint we pride ourselves on creating purpose driven content, with brand intelligence to deliver the most engaging and effective video content possible. We take our role seriously producing content which is accessible to all and we give bespoke advice to our clients on the best route forward for their project to maximise results whilst providing a cost effective solution and value for money.


One Of The Most Sought After British Companies For Video And Animation

We take pride that we have mastered the art of providing an affordable service without ever compromising on quality. This is why we are now one of the most sought after British production companies for film and animation.

We have gained a fantastic reputation for our robust quality control process, which is the key to guaranteeing the highest of standards from conceptualisation through to completion for our clients.



We have built a passionate and driven team of industry experts over the last 5 years who live and breathe our mission to make film accessible to all. Experienced and skillful, our team delivers the highest standard content for our clients in an intelligent manner. From our knowledgeable and skilled filmmakers and editors through to our creative designers and production managers, our world-class team will exceed your expectations.

We pride ourselves on having the ability and flexibility to work with companies of all shapes and sizes with a range of budgets. Our mission is at the core of our business and our team, we truly believe that film, animation and video media should be something that every company gets to benefit from and utilise.


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