Back in 2013, PinPointMedia set out to revolutionise the film industry by making film accessible to all and 5 years later, the revolution is in full swing.  

What with video marketing having truly transformed the digital landscape, to the extent that video is projected to claim more than 80% of all web traffic by 2019, PinPointMedia have set about securing one of the largest market shares in film production outside of central London. 

By creating films of unrivalled quality, at an unrivalled cost, the firm has been able to work with everyone from small local businesses, to large corporate clients throughout the UK and Europe, such as Barrat Development, British Gas and the RAC, enabling them all to utilise the power of film to grow their business. 

And now, in order to mark its 5 Year Anniversary and its enormous growth in popularity, the firm has undergone a complete brand overhaul, coining the title ‘Great British Filmmakers’. To celebrate this landmark moment in the company’s history and showcase its sleek new brand image, PinPointMedia held its anniversary party at Cheltenham’s No. 38 Hotel, giving friends and clients alike the chance to raise a glass to the revolution and even enjoy a slice of birthday cake in what was a truly rip-roaring event!  

With the enormous success of the rebrand and the 5 year party now in the rearview mirror, and the prospect of expanding the company’s reach both nationally and globally on the horizon, as well as continuing to add more great british filmmaker to the team, all there is left to say is viva la revolution!

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