The UK Recruitment industry is on the rise, increasing its value back in 2016 to £35.1bn and employing over 100,000, making it a larger contributor to the UK economy than Advertising, Arts and Recreation, and the Food and Beverages industries.

There are now over 20,000 recruitment agencies across the country, compared to the mere 88 that were registered back in 1990, with around 9,500 of those turning over more than a quarter of a million every year. 

Here at PinPointMedia, we have been able to witness the growth of this industry first hand, working extensively with James Cann’s Recruitment Guide and recently forming a long-term partnership with Norman Broadbent. What these companies have recognised, along with the numerous other established agencies that have come through our doors, is the power that film content holds in an age where the internet and Social Media have revolutionised the recruitment process.

Platforms such as LinkedIn have provided job-seekers with both access to and a means of comparing an enormous wealth of job opportunities and conversely, employers now have an abundance of data and insights available to help them build detailed candidate profiles and find the perfect fit for their businesses. What film can offer recruitment agencies looking to set themselves apart in this increasingly competitive market, is the opportunity to not only better highlight their own exceptional services and experience, but also to distribute more engaging and informative content that can help to firmly establish them as experts in the sector that they recruit for.

Film is the ideal medium for demonstrating your agency’s understanding of the unique strategic issues and challenges facing the industry within which you recruit, and will also enable you to establish a stronger presence on your prospective clients’ social feeds, where job adverts are becoming increasingly more visible. This will in turn serve to bolster the authenticity of your brand image, leaving candidates assured that you can be relied upon to position them in the right role, with the right company. 

So if you’re looking to establish yourself as an industry leader and manifest your sector expertise in a fashion that will appeal to candidates in the digital age, then it’s time to #jointherevolution!

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