New Releases

Open Study College


#StudyYourWay It doesn't all have to be on location, in a factory or sat in a plush boardroom! This project was the complete opposite, in fact, the concept behind this project was to move the subject around the world in one entire take (without stopping the camera) you’re right to think, “but how?” See for yourself!

Swiss Alpine Battle - Crossfit


What better way to spend a day than on top of a Swiss Alp shooting some of the world's top athletes. With this highlight film we captured the atmosphere, beautiful surroundings and high intensity involved in a Crossfit event! We feel worn out just watching it!

Glenmuir - Behind the scenes


Who doesn't like golf? We certainly do! When we were told we would have to spend a morning on a crisp Scottish golf course this was music to our ears. We feel this film captures the elegance and excellence of the Glenmuir brand in its natural environment.