Our Guaran-Tree

With climate change impacting the world as we know it, we are bombarded with daily news reports on the damage we humans are doing to our beloved planet.  

Growing CO2 emissions is one of the fundamental reasons behind our planet’s fluctuating weather pattern and warming atmosphere, with transportation being one of the principal influencing factors.

The team at PinPointMedia have realised that, whilst they cannot stop this catastrophe, they can at least do their part in offsetting and managing their own CO2 emissions.

PinPointMedia services the entire UK in addition to embarking on projects abroad, with travel being a key part of the operation. This in turn increases their carbon footprint.  

For an average car running at 40mpg and traveling over 1000 miles, the CO2 emissions produced are 0.294 tonnes. Should one wish to offset this, they would need to plant 1.4 trees for every 100 miles travelled.

In 2019 PinPointMedia travelled a total of 56,000 miles for projects across the globe and consequently produced in excess of 16 tonnes of CO2. Due to this considerable amount of CO2 being emitted into the atmosphere, PinPointMedia has pledged to plant two trees in the Amazon Rainforest for every 1000 miles travelled!

Managing Director Oliver Bruce said “by planting twice as many trees as the number of miles travelled we can ensure that our carbon footprint is totally offset. In 2019 we have planted 112 trees which is enough to offset the 22.3 tonnes of CO2 we produced as a company.” 

By implementing this initiative, PinPointMedia hope to inspire not only their team but the wider business community to consider their carbon footprint in their day to day lives, whilst hoping the newly planted trees in the Amazon continue to grow and flourish.

To calculate your carbon footprint and the number of trees required to offset it, visit: http://www.carbonify.com/carbon-calculator.htm

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