The Brief

To enhance, rebuild build and deliver a concept designed by an agency and outsourced to a production firm who failed to meet their objectives and as such was pulled from the project.  

The Challenge

When tasked with rectifying a project previously damaged or the brief not met by another firm can be challenging, especially with a tight timeline, however, the ability to impart our creative expertise and in-house team ensured the deadlines were met, timelines achieved and objective exceeded.

The Solution

Initially we were not involved in the project, however, were approached by an agency toward the end of the project with the brief of ‘sorting it out’. We took the project back to its bare bones splitting what had been done out and re-designing it in a way we felt more impactful. 

The brief was vague from our clients and used terms such as ‘edit it to the beat’ ‘lots of different speeds’ and ‘use animation’ we pulled in our design and scripting team along with the editor we had specced for the project and animator respectively. The use of animation which moved and changed shape in time with the beat we felt would be the overarching theme throughout the film teamed with that of relevant footage previously shot supplemented by stock footage. As the film progresses the use of the brands newly re-branded ‘vibes’ are introduced, again, as this was to release to the board the new branding concept we needed this to be the chorus of the film! 

The film was delivered in under 3 weeks, from concept to completion and exceeded the clients expectations, as such, we’re now the agencies approved supplier and have formed a long lasting and mutually beneficial relationship since that point.  


Meet some of our expert production team members involved in this project. A number of our team have previously worked for the likes of Saatchi & Saatchi, Procter Gamble as well as the Aljezier Network amongst a myriad of highly commended firms - rest assured, you will be in safe hands!

Jessica Barder

Producer & Creative Writer

Max Evans

Projects Manager

Fergus Bruce

Projects & Operations Director

Caya Kukulska

Lead Animator

"Working with the team at PinPointMedia has shown me how to turn a boring topic into an engaging and educational film - love it guys!"

Rhodri Stevens, Barratt Developments

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