Barratt Developments

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The Brief

Barratt Developments were looking to have a training film created that they could show in schools to help warn children about the dangers of building sites. As such, this couldn’t be the run-of-the-mill boring health and safety video that would have school children dozing off within the first fifteen seconds. Barratt Developments needed this film to grab children’s attention and leave a lasting impression that would hopefully serve to keep them safe within their local communities in the future.

Barratt Development – Looking up
Barratt Development – Interview
Barratt Development – Football kick

The Challenge

The challenge for this project then was a narrative one. We had to ask ourselves: what is the story that we need to tell a story to keep the attention of a room full of children, whilst simultaneously conveying an important message about health and safety? And then how is it that we tell that story, which in turn poses the logistical questions of what equipment and resources we need to use? Where are we setting our story and thus what locations are we going to need to film in, each of which is naturally going to come with its own unique set of obstacles to overcome. And therefore the challenge for this project was only going to be as testing as we wanted to make it for ourselves, and at PinPointMedia, we certainly like a challenge!

The Solution

We knew that this film was going to need a really strong emotive, narrative drive and as such we took the same approach to the project as we would do with a short film, rather than a conventional educational video. We went through an extensive design and storyboarding process with the client to ensure that we arrived at a concept and style that ticked all the boxes. A considerable amount of time within this process was dedicated to scouting out appropriate locations, as we needed a site that would give the film that sense of scope and drama that we were after. Early on in the process we decided upon the idea of telling the story from a child’s perspective and as such needed to ensure that we found young actors with the dramatic talent that would do justice to the story we were trying to tell. They were of course assisted by the direction of one of our Senior Filmmakers Chris Bartle, whose considerable experience of working with children in the industry played a huge part in teasing out the strikingly raw and authentic performances that are what hold the whole film together.

"Working with the team at PinPointMedia has shown me how to turn a boring topic into an engaging and educational film - love it guys!"

Rhodri Stevens, Barratt Developments