British Game Alliance

What we did

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The Brief

British Game Alliance wanted to create recipe films with a vibrant and refreshing look that would encourage more people to experiment with using game meat in popular dishes. How to do that they weren’t quite sure. They just had ten dishes, ten recipes and handed the rest over to us.

The Challenge

With the client wanting separate versions of each film to distribute on Instagram, getting the framing right when filming was going to be the key for this project, with Instagram’s square 1080×1080 film framing not leaving us much room to play with. Our editors would also be faced with the structural and stylistic challenge of fitting some of the more complex recipes with multiple steps and a multitude of ingredients into the sixty-second time limit, whilst still ensuring that viewers could actually follow the recipe!

The Solution

Our design team put their heads together and came up with a top-down perspective style, utilising an overhead rig that would enable a tight framing on the dishes, whilst giving the chef on set plenty of space and freedom to focus on the cooking and not have to worry about the cameras getting in the way. Our Senior Camera Operative Chris Bartle and his trusty Canon 5D Mark IV did the rest, capturing every little detail that made for some truly mouth-watering rushes for the editing team to watch through. Colour grading in post-production was therefore a priority to give these films the vibrant look that the client was after and do justice to the footage and the recipes themselves.

Got to say I am very impressed with the work you guys have done, and will have no hesitation in using you again and recommending your services.

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