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The Brief

Bromford Industries are the leading supplier of performance critical component manufacturing services to the Aerospace and Industrial Gas Turbine markets. They approached us to create a corporate overview film for their website that would reinforce their image as specialists of the very highest order in what they do and a company that their customers could trust to manufacture the most vital complex components that they require.

The Challenge

Bromford came to us with a clear concept in mind of wanting the film to track a typical customer journey as a means of showcasing their exceptional service and the industry-leading design and manufacturing facilities they have at their site. The real challenge with this concept lay in creating a 3D animation of a deconstructed airplane engine model, which would be implemented within the film as a striking visual representation of Bromford’s engineering expertise and excellence.

The Solution

We spent two days at Bromford’s manufacturing site, working closely from the storyboards that we had worked together with the client on in order to structure the customer journey for maximum visual interest, from the initial welcome and design demonstrations with CAD modelling software, right through to the tour of the shop floor where we were able to capture some truly stunning visuals of all of the technology and machinery in motion. But the true showpiece of the film was the 3D engine model that our animation team spent weeks producing in order to seamlessly integrate it within the footage that we had captured of that very same model out on the shop floor, which enabled the film to really push home the level of technological prowess that Bromford pride themselves on.

Got to say I am very impressed with the work you guys have done, and will have no hesitation in using you again and recommending your services.

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