Eco Cooling

What we did

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The Brief

EcoCooling are innovators in direct fresh air solutions as eco-friendly alternatives to refrigeration, developing systems and technologies that utilise cold outside air to cool facilities. They were after a film that could provide an overview of who they are, what they do and why they do it, showcasing how their products can help their customers reduce their operational cooling costs by up to 90%.

The Challenge

EcoCoolings are a relatively small company but with a big, big goal: to save the country 1% on its total energy bill. We therefore needed to showcase their products in a way that made them look epic, in line with the epic impact that EcoCoolings want to make on the nation’s energy bill. The film needed to be cinematic in style, whilst still ensuring to convey all of the necessary content points and messaging that they wanted to get across.

The Solution

The solution for this was very simple: time. Being able to spend three days filming on location gave our Senior Filmmaker Chris Bartle the time he needed to make their cooling systems, which at first glance may not appear to be particularly impressive, look truly astonishing. We were able to delve right in amongst the inner workings of the machines, as well as make simple requests on the shot list such as seeing the coolers being put on to delivery trucks look so much sleeker because of the time we had to get the set-up and lighting absolutely perfect. Utilising both internal and external drone footage also served to give the film that sense of size and scope, which again worked to showcase EcoCoolings as the ambitious innovators that they are.

Working with the team at PinPointMedia has shown me how to turn a boring topic into an engaging and educational film - love it guys!

Rhodri Stevens - Barratt Developments