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What we did

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The Brief

Farmers Weekly Magazine wanted to add more drama and production value to their web series The Farmers Apprentice, where 10 young farmers compete in a weeklong series of farming challenges for the chance to win £10,000 to invest in their farming dreams. The client had run the series on YouTube in previous years but were looking to increase viewership, gauge more traction across social channels and create a show that could compete with the likes of mainstream reality TV shows.

The Challenge

A week on the farm at Harper Adams University brought with it a host of technical and logistical challenges, at the heart of which lay the need to keep track of nine exuberant young apprentices morning, noon and night, wherever they went and whatever the scenario. Around-the-clock audio monitoring was therefore the priority, as well as being able to manoeuvre large amounts of equipment in less than friendly terrain so that nothing was missed. But with the cameras rolling at every possible moment, we were going to be faced with hundreds of hours’ worth of footage, sixteen different audio inputs, all of which would need to be logged, synced and organised for six succinct fifteen to twenty-five minute episodes.

The Solution

4 of PinPointMedia’s finest filmmakers, 2 sound assistants, an on-site editor and a small army of production staff, not to mention multiple drones, gimbals and a plethora of industry leading audio equipment, all to ensure that every last tractor tantrum and runaway sheep was caught on film. Whether it was three o’clock in the morning mucking out the cow sheds or barrelling around the fields in tractors, our dedicated team had the cameras rolling and the mics on as the contestants battled it out to be crowned the Farmers Apprentice. Big Brother style diary cams in trucks and tractors were a welcome new addition, giving the apprentices a chance to vent and us a chance to keep tabs on all of the dramas and storylines. It was then over to the editing team to sort through 2TB worth of footage to find those golden moments, a task made easier by having the team logging and organising everything on site, so that when we got back to the media suite, it was all there ready and waiting to be put together.

“PinPointMedia were really fun to work with, the feedback has been really good and we look forward to working with them again. Professional, patient and fun.”

Karl Schneider, Farmers Weekly