Game Fair

What we did

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The Brief

PinPointMedia have been tasked with being the official filmmakers of The Game Fair for the past four years now, with the scale of the event and with it the remit for the filming, growing year on year. In 2018, we were back at Ragley Hall and tasked not only with creating the showpiece event film, but a plethora of shorter social media stings to sit alongside it to ensure that every aspect of the event was covered, and prospective punters could be left in no doubt of what to expect.

The Challenge

With so much happening across such a large-scale site, we really did have to seemingly be everywhere at once. The diverse range of activities and displays also posed a stylistic challenge for our camera operatives, for whether it be tracking 4x4s through the off-road course, catching the red devils parachuting out of a helicopter into the main arena, or keeping the focus on a world record skeet shooting attempt, there is always a different set up, a different rig and a different piece of kit to consider in order to get the best shot.

The Solution

We put the wheels in motion very early on for this project, with the pre-production team putting meticulously structured briefing schedules together for the three days and getting timelapse cameras up months in advance to capture the site build. Our three camera operators were well supported by our on-site Project Management team, who were there to chaperone them around the site at the drop of a hat and get them into place for the perfect shot. It was then over to our sterling editing team to turn  those shots into the snappy, stylish films that had The Game Fair booking us in for next year’s event straight away.

"Working with the team at PinPointMedia has shown me how to turn a boring topic into an engaging and educational film - love it guys!"

Rhodri Stevens, Barratt Developments