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The Brief

Since its beginnings in 1891, Glenmuir has been world-renowned for producing the finest, expertly crafted golfwear that is not only elegant and luxurious, but also acutely aware of the demands of the modern game. They came to us looking to create a suite of films to showcase the Spring-Summer line of two of their brands: one that was all about elegance and style and the other that was all about performance and practicality.

The Challenge

Glenmuir had a ready-made concept in mind for both of sets of brand films and thus our job was simply to make their vision a reality. They wanted a behind-the-scenes style shoot of a photography session for both brands, which they had arranged out on the stunning Trump Turnberry golf course, a setting that perfectly encapsulated the proud Scottish heritage they were looking to showcase. This shoot needed to depict the luxury and sophisticated design of the ranges on display, whilst conveying the relaxed and laid atmosphere on location, as well as taking in the picturesque surroundings. The client also wanted to look at incorporating animation for their Sunderland of Scotland brand, to better illustrate the technical specifications of the clothing and how these benefited its performance.

The Solution

We arrived on location with a host of different rigs and equipment that were all chosen to allow us to cover the photoshoot in motion as smoothly as possible. Our shot selection consisted of a varied combination of macro close ups to maintain the brand focus, dolly and gimbal work to capture the golfing action shots with effortless fluidity and handheld footage to provide that authentic, behind-the-scenes feel. In terms of animation, not only did we develop graphics to overlay onto the relevant photoshoot films so as to blend the worlds of style and practicality together, but we also created a series of intricate 3D animations spotlighting some of the technical design features of different garments in order to emphasise the level of craftmanship that golfers would be benefitting from.

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