James Caan

What we did

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The Brief

James Cann was looking for a polished marketing film to give exposure to his new recruitment training company, Recruitment Guide. He then in turn wanted to create a suite of short modular training films covering the key topics and guidance points that they often work with recruitment companies on. James was to feature heavily in these films himself, using his years of industry experience and wisdom to deliver insightful and engaging pieces to camera that would convey all of the desired content points.

The Challenge

We had a day of filming booked in with James at the Recruitment Guide offices, but naturally for an individual who is  in such demand, we could only film James in sporadic one-hour windows throughout the day. Not only was this a constricted amount of time to cover the amount of content but it also meant that we were going to need to be flexible and responsive on the day in terms of our scheduling, so as to maximise the time we had available.

The Solution

Numerous planning and scheduling calls with James prior to the filming date were invaluable in terms of sketching out a plan of action for the day and being able to gauge when we could work with James and when would be best for us to pick up footage from around the offices. By opting for a two-camera set-up for all of James’ pieces to camera, with the primary camera locked off running the autocue and using a gimbal for the secondary camera, we were able to maximise James’ natural charisma and experienced presenting skills, as well as minimising any re-take or re-framing time. Having two of our filmmakers on site also enabled us to capture a greater coverage of the offices, with the gimbal naturally helping to give the footage that sleek and polished look James was after.

Working with the team at PinPointMedia has shown me how to turn a boring topic into an engaging and educational film - love it guys!

Rhodri Stevens - Barratt Developments