The Property Academy

What we did

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The Brief

Property Academy approached us to produce a suite of content for the EA Masters event that they host every year, celebrating the very best in Estate Agency.

The Challenge

3 separate briefs. 3 distinct scripts. 3 unique storyboards. 5 different locations and 13 different actors. This was the challenge set before us, with less than a month to go until the event where our work would be up on the big screen. Following the initial treatments we had put forward for each of the 3 films, our client trusted us 100% to deliver what they were after and were happy to leave everything with us right up until the week before the event. There would be no time for amends, tweaks or changes, so we needed to knock this out of the park on the first at bat.

The Solution

This project required us to pull on almost the entire PinPoint team to whittle down the 3,000 thousand actor applications, scour the entirety of the south-west for locations, not to mention the long hours put in by the creative team to get all of the storyboard, style frames and shot lists in perfect order. Production then came down to just a week – we had cameras rolling on location, animators animating furiously and our Production Manager keeping a keen eye on the whole operation to make sure nothing slipped. The result? 3 first draft sign offs, one very happy client and a hugely successful event! Not bad going if we do say so our selves!

Got to say I am very impressed with the work you guys have done, and will have no hesitation in using you again and recommending your services.

Bromford Services