Pre-Production, Design & Storyboarding

Pre-production is a crucial element to the filmmaking process. At this initial stage we work with you to understand your goals, carry out research on components such as location and props required, all whilst formulating a watertight plan to see the project through.

We take the time to understand how, when and where the content we produce will be used, what the purpose of the content is and how that fits into your wider strategy – this ensures that we create compelling content with purpose.

Our production team are key to the creativity of filmmaking and are responsible for delivering the overall aesthetic that you want to achieve from the outset. Often the vision is to evoke emotion in the target audience and their input on setting the mood and tone is crucial to its success. We take a bespoke approach to each film we produce, creating a variety of design materials such as mood boards, storyboards, scripts and design documents, all of which are created by our in-house creative design team.


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