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Paper reports and marketing collateral have, like most forms of print media, become a thing of yesteryear. The global uplift for video and animation has created an ever more saturated market, with brands constantly facing the challenge of having to find new and interesting ways of engaging and retaining their leads, clients and employees.

Utilising and distributing bespoke branded video brochures will ensure that your business is portrayed as one of the most current and forward thinking in the market today. The impact of giving clients a brochure with a high-quality video message is unparalleled.

Our video brochures are made-to-order and are produced within premium printed packaging. Unlike other sub-standard video brochure suppliers, we have taken the time to ensure that each of our video brochure units is made with reliable, high quality components. Each of our video brochures are fully tested and quality assured before being sent to you.

I don’t have a film?

As experts in film and animation, PinPointMedia can work with you on all aspects of your production, regardless of the concept or project size, and as innovators in our industry we can now share this exciting and new form of media with you.


Due to our direct relationship with our manufacturer, we are able to design each brochure bespoke, customising design, screen size, print & material for each client. We can even utilise our in-house design team to produce the artwork for you.

How Do they work

A magnetic sensor activates the video when the brochure is opened, and your video plays seamlessly on a micro-thin LCD screen and speaker with volume buttons attached.

Can I change the video

You can change the video as many times as you want, by simply plugging the USB into the computer and device, and simply dragging and dropping your media accordingly.


If you have your design ready, we can have your video brochures produced and sent to you within 10 days.


We can build a video brochure to any specification you would like, from leather bound to 10” touch screens just ask and we will deliver.

Below are some of our most popular products:

A5 with 4.3 inch screen
A5 with 5 inch screen
A5 with 7 inch screen
A4 with 7 inch screen
A4 with 10.1 inch screen
Business card with 2.4 inch screen

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